4 Steps to Homesteading

It means different things to different people, but there’s definitely a growing modern homesteading movement. Before the pandemic homeowners grew their own “food forests” in cities, or they moved out of cities and off the grid.

The pandemic exposed some of the weaknesses of the modern supply chain, with food insecurity a growing concern, which moved homesteading ideas a little more into the mainstream. Built on rugged American self-reliance, the dream of moving away from population centers and growing food organically and sustainably has caught on.

Figure Out Your Finances

Selling a house to move out of the city will mean getting your finances in order. You’ll need a down payment, money for closing costs, and enough to cover the transition between homes. You don’t want to use too much of your savings and investments since you’ll need them to fund your retirement.

A great place to start is by assessing your current home’s value so that you can potentially tap into its equity to use for purchasing your next home. And before you get pre-approved for a loan, be sure to check out penfed mortgage rates, so you’ll know what to expect. Interest rates shift continually, but many lenders will let you lock-in your pre-approved rate while you shop for homes.

Determine Your Must-Haves

Because urban homesteading is also a thing, homesteading innovations can help you grow more food in less space. It’s a good idea, however, to go into it with a bit more land than you’ll need, especially if you’re not sure of your farming skills. A large garden can be accommodated in less space than was needed for traditional farming, but it may be difficult to predict yields in the first year or two.

Fruit trees and berry bushes are welcome perennials, but they may require several years before they produce, and several years more before they really thrive. But a good berry bush or a producing fruit tree are invaluable for food security and they’ll likely produce fresh fruit for generations.

The house should have space to host family and friends. Since you’ve moved away from civilization, they’ll likely need to stay over when they visit, which makes the stay more special, and you’ll get to show off a little. Additional spaces in the home might be needed for a workshop, a mud room, and a home office if you are planning to run a home business selling products you grow or make on your homestead. Whatever your plans, make sure you work with trusted professionals like Woods Construction to design and construct additions to your home, whether it’s a new master suite or a multi-story garage.

Remember Business Basics

Many people establish a homestead with the goal of self-sufficiency. That goal usually goes hand-in-hand with earning an income from their efforts. If this is part of your plan, remember to cover business basics when you prioritize both your budget and your space.

When planning your property layout, one of the easiest areas to overlook is production. Whatever you’re planning to sell will need to be prepared for buyers, whether it’s meat, veggies, eggs, jam, or honey. Take into consideration packaging, canning, butchering, and whatnot, what you will do yourself, what you will outsource, and so forth.

Marketing Your Products

You can have a product packaged, labeled, and ready for sale, but buyers still need to know about it. Develop a solid business and marketing plan to help meet your goals. This should include things like a website, social media, and networking.

A website is a simple must-have these days, thanks to drag-and-drop website building tools. Social media is typically free and easy marketing, so think through how you will put sites like Facebook and Instagram to work for you. Lastly, giving the business touch to the family farm doesn’t require hiring a bunch of creatives when there are easy-to-use tools like this logo maker online. Personalize your journey by giving the homestead a name and a professional look, and keep it uniform throughout your marketing materials.

When you’re ready to take the plunge, make sure your finances are in order and remember business basics like production and marketing. Then reap the benefits!

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Article provided by: Katie Conroy

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